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How would you like to have a place to build your home that was large enough to accommodate what you want to build and/or big enough to give you the space you want?  At Creekside West we have nine Lots that range from 5.71 acres to 1.12 acres that can fulfil that dream!  These properties are situated above a beautiful creek where the timber has not been cut for almost 100 years.  As beautiful as this virgin forest is, the real beauty lies in the buffer it provides…no one can build anything immediately behind your home. 

Privacy, beauty, and room to enjoy…let us have the privilege of showing you these properties. Click Here for a Plat of Phase 4

The vast majority of custom-built homes are located in the northern portion of Lowndes County, Georgia.  In that spirit of achieving your dream of owning a new quality-built home visit Creekside West gated community. The elected officials in Lowndes County are supporting private home ownership, therefore property taxes remain lower than many other communities.

As you begin your search for quality-built homes inside gated communities, keep in mind, this geographic area is far less likely to suffer extreme property damage caused by hurricanes or tornadoes. Living in Creekside West means you and your family will likely be safe from the devastation of major weather-related events.  As a result of our low-impact  area, your property insurance will also be less expensive and more widely available.

It has been our experience that properties constructed inside a gated community are far more likely to hold value as long as Restrictive Covenants are enforced.  Not only is Creekside West located in a more favorable area of the South, our Restrictive Covenants are in place and enforced to protect each of our residents in Creekside West.

Welcome to our world! We hope that you will visit and stay!
H. Young Tillman, Managing Partner, Doubletree Communities, LLC

Creekside West gated community is located one-half  mile east of I-75 at Exit 22 just north of Valdosta, Ga. This area of Georgia is splendid for active adults who enjoy day-trips to and from other major cities.  The residents of Creekside West travel to Jacksonville, Talahassee, Destin, and Atlanta in a matter of hours along expansive highways avoiding small-town traffic.  Likewise, as a resident of Creekside West you can take your family to the beach for a relaxing week-end without having to travel more than two hours to arrive at the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean.

As is true in many parts of the south, the weather is ideal for families who enjoy all four seasons.  In Creekside West gated community, mid-June to mid-September are very warm and humid, but temperatures and humidity begin to moderate by September. The “winds of change” occur in September and return the cool evening breezes which is perfect sleeping weather.

In October, November, and December the weather is very stable but not overly burdensome because temperatures rarely result in long hard freezes and that moderate winter change is a welcome seasonal relief.  If we have a short season, it is winter. Many days during the winter we enjoy shirtsleeve weather, including December and January.

Spring arrives early in Creekside West gated community when thousands of Azaleas, Dogwoods, Redbuds, Plumbs, and Japanese Magnolia bloom in February and early March. The spring in Creekside West gated community is absolutely gorgeous… and very refreshing!

By mid-April many of our residents in Creekside West begin water sports such as swimming and water skiing. Summer brings out the beach animal in most of us, and great beaches are available on the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean each within a two hour drive from Creekside West.

Our Lowndes County offers several cultural organizations and seasonal events in Valdosta. Various groups and organization promote the arts, such as music, theater, paintings, and sculpture.  For a thrilling event, you can take the family to enjoy Wild Adventures located just south of Valdosta, Georgia.

Creekside West is located in close proximity to several metropolitan areas each which allows our property owners to take part in entertainment features, cultural events, and shopping in several major cities including Orlando, Atlanta, Savannah, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee. These short trips to other areas is fun and eliminates the need to live in the hassle and noise and congestion of living in larger cities.

Here at Creekside West, residents enjoy year round outdoor sports including golf, tennis, swimming, hunting and fishing. Also Valdosta/Lowndes County High Schools are known for their State and National Championship High School football teams. If you enjoy the College scene, Valdosta State University is an exciting and competitive team within their conference. Also, the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Florida State, and the Florida Gators are all within a 1/2 day trip to larger stadium events. Professional teams such as the Falcons, Braves, and Jaguars are cost-effective overnight trips.

Residents of Creekside West can apply for membership or fund tee times to enjoy world-class golf at Stone Creek Golf Community ( You can stop by or call Stone Creek Golf Community to learn more about their rates and their rules. Stone creek is located a mere 5 miles south of Creekside West. You will love the Stone Creek Golf layout, facilities, and pro shop staff.

If you are an outdoorsman, deer and turkey abound with some opportunities for dove, quail, and ducks. For the bass fisherman this is “hog heaven” with some catches that exceed 15 lbs. Other freshwater species are abundant and for the saltwater angler, the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico are just a couple of hours down the road.

The Valdosta/Lowndes County is a regional center for 8 to 10 nearby counties that has developed around good transportation infrastructure. Conveniently located near I-75, and nearby I-10 as well as good secondary roads provide excellent access by ground. Our regional airport offers good business and recreational connections.


  • Private Gated Community
  • Property Owners Association
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Affordable Property Dues
  • Underground Utilities
  • Wooded & Lakefront Building Lots


  • Community Pool
  • Community Play Ground
  • Fishing Lakes
  • Walking Trail
  • Recreation Area
  • Approved Applications Required For Membership to Stone Creek Golf Club


To anybody thinking of buying property in Creekside West – Buy it!  This gated community is stable, peaceful, and charming in one neat location.
Lynn, Creekside West
I would like to extend a special thank you to Mark Tillman for taking extra time to explain all of the specifics about my building lot and arranging for a local custom home builder.  Visiting Creekside West was a convenient and relaxing experience.
Pete, Creekside West
The children love their school, love to participate in sports and doing well with their grades now that we relocated and reside in Creekside West.
Debbie, Creekside West
I took full advantage of that one year of free golf at the sister property Stone Creek. What a fantastic bargain and gave me time to meet several seniors my age and form a foursome for golf each week. The transition was seamless moving into Creekside West.
Gary, Creekside West
I served at Moody Air Force Base and upon a return visit learned about Creekside West.  My decision to buy a water-front building lot was the best investment I could make for myself and love being back in the area. I’m home!
Susan, Creekside West

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